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Tokyo: Ain Soph. Journey

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Ain Soph. Journey is a vegan restaurant serving Western cuisine! We ate here twice for dinner with Mum's Japanese friends. It's located right outside Shinjuku-sanchome station Exit C5.

We were seated at the second floor both times. The first time we went, Mum's friend was the only guy customer in the restaurant lol!

Dinner starts at 5.30pm but we arrived before 5pm lol. We made our orders first, expecting the food to arrive only after 5.30pm, but they served us before that. How nice of them!

My Green Smoothie and mum's Carrot Juice. I think the smoothie is ordinary (tastes like banana) but the carrot juice is nice because there's small carrot bits!

I think I read some reviews saying that their vegan cutlet is worth trying, but both times it was not available/sold out. :( So we ordered the Deep-fried Veggie Meat (650 yen) instead. It surprisingly juicy when you bite it! I find it kinda oily and salty but it impresses the meat-eaters haha

The soup here is the Vegetable Soup [Large] (850 yen). It's quite tomato-y but at least it doesn't taste canned!

The Tofu Spanish Omelet (800 yen) had chunks of potato in it. Odd but not a bad kind of odd I guess! It tastes like tofu and not the "Omg am I eating eggs" kinda taste.

The Mushroom Hayashi-rice (1300 yen) wasn't so memorable.

The Veggie Tortilla Roll (1600 yen) looks simple but it's really yummy! The veggies are fresh and there's just the right amount of sauce. There's also a layer of peanut butter between the lettuce and wrap. They cut it based on the number of people you have so no need to worry about sharing. ^^

Everyone enjoyed the Vegetable Paella (1400 yen)! The rice was kinda creamy and flavourful but not soggy.

For dessert: Vegan Pancakes (1400 yen)! The pancakes look tiny but they were really thick - a little crispy and hard on the outside, and soft and dense on the inside - almost like scones. 

I also ate the edible flower. Nope don't eat it it's bitter bleugh

On our second time there we ordered the Dessert Plate (1200 yen) - a small slice of rich, fudgey chocolate cake, ice cream (same flavour as the pancake one but I'm not sure what it is - rum and raisin?), whipped cream with custard inside, and cakey waffles. I love this because it has a bit of everything!

Overall the food is on the pricier side but I think that this is a wonderful place to go to to impress non-vegan friends! I'd recommend the Veggie Tortilla Roll, Vegetable Paella and the Deep-fried Veggie Meat :)

Ain Soph. Journey
3-8-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
Mon-Sat 11.30am-11.00pm (10.00pm L.O.)
Sun 11.30am-10.00pm (9.00pm L.O.)

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