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Tokyo: Crayon House & Sekai Cafe

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Both Crayonhouse and Sekai Cafe serve meat but have many vegan options. 

Crayon House is located near Omotesando station, and other than having a restaurant, they also sell toys, books, organic clothing and health food at the various levels of the building.

Their health food store sells lots of imported food, but also has local brands.

Isn't this space the prettiest??????
They sell organic groceries too; they all look fresh and gigantic.

We were there at the restaurant (Hiroba) for dinner which starts at 5.30pm. As usual we were early so we had to wait lol.

For dinner there was only the buffet option available. What you see in this photo is the buffet spread. Labels are in Japanese but allergens are listed on the top right hand corner of the label.

Most ingredients used are organic and I really liked the tofu and salad! About 2/3 of the items are vegan but things like the miso soup and dessert (coffee jelly) weren't vegan. So the food I was eating was quite dry ._. I think the menu is different each time though.

Mum and mum's friend really enjoyed it but I think it's not really worth it because it costs 2700 yen (which is nearly the cost of 2 Saturday buffets at Loving Hut) and vegan options are limited. They do have an Organic Vegetarian Night which happens twice a month on Monday though - I think that'll be worth going!

Sekai Cafe is located at a side street of Nakamise-dori, a 4 minute walk from Asakusa station. Their theme is to cater to people with different dietary requirements.

Lunch set comes with a drink or soup, and is only 1000 yen. Also this place has free wifi yay! 

This menu is in Japanese but the menu at the counter is in English (and different from the sign at the door). Also, the waitress knows which are vegan.

Mum's friend has the Salad Plate.

Mum had Yakisoba. Doesn't look like yakisoba to me though lol ^^;

I had Today's Curry. Rice was great as usual, veggies were crisp and the curry was sweet. I like sweet curry :)

I bought the pumpkin scone and pumpkin muffin for breakfast the next day. They were average, the taste and texture was a bit kueh-like.

Overall this is a lovely and affordable place to eat at while exploring Nakamise-dori. I don't think there are many other vegan-friendly places in the nearby area.

The streets of Nakamise-dori and Kappabashi-dori (Kitchen Town) and somewhat parallel to each other, so after lunch it was just a short walk (to the right when facing Sekai Cafe) before we reached Kappabashi-dori.  

Crayon House
Weekdays 11.00am - 11.00pm (L.O. 10.00pm)
Weekends and PH 10.30am - 11.00pm (L.O. 10.00pm)
3-8-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sekai Cafe
Daily 9.00am - 6.00pm
1-18-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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