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Tokyo: Grape-picking & Mt Fuji 5th Station tour

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We booked this day tour from Yokoso Japan tours because it has 2 things that we wanted to do - see Mt Fuji and pick fruits! I want to pick strawberries but it's not in season at this time of the year (fruits in season are grapes, persimmon and pears).

We met at Washington Hotel in Shinjuku at 7.50 am, which thankfully was a walking distance from our Airbnb. The tour guide was Japanese but speaks good English, and there was an assistant tour guide that's also Japanese but speaks fluent Chinese.

After about 1.5 hours in the bus, we arrived at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji. The peak is to the right of this photo but it was too foggy so we couldn't see it :(

There're lotsa shops selling Mt Fuji themed cookies, crackers, cake, kitkat etc. This place is cold!! Lol the best thing was a standing heater in one of the shops ahh~~

There was 'in-bus shopping' too lolol. There were order sheets we could fill up to buy melon pan that looks like Mt Fuji (which mum bought), grape jelly, towels printed like Japanese money (which mum also bought) etc

Next we went to a restaurant near Lake Kawaguchi for lunch! This lake is to picturesque with the colours of the autumn leaves!

We made a request (while booking) for a vegetarian meal - it doesn't contain egg or dairy too. There's thick and flat udon in the soup and it was super yummy!! The rice was really good too wow! The only weird thing was this wrinkly green jelly lol. I ate until I was stuffed ^^

After lunch we made our way to the Mt Kachikachi Ropeway.

They really pack us tightly into the cable car omg. I was the last to enter so I was like squeezed near the door and I had to look straight and not down because otherwise I would panic.

The door isn't the best place to stand for a good view - all I saw were trees, which are pretty but you'd be able to see a better view at the back window. But everyone crowds at the back window so we didn't get to stand there on the way down either :/

We should've been able to see Mt. Fuji but it was still foggy so nope :( The view of the buildings didn't look fantastic either.

But what was fantastic was this charcoal grilled kushi dango!!

I was so full so I didn't want to eat this but mum insisted so we bought it. And wow I would've regretted not trying this. It's warm, soft and sticky glutinous rice cakes coated with a sweet salty sauce. How come rice cakes can taste so good?? Also the Mt. Fuji stamp is so cute!

I shall learn how to make these soon!

Then, we headed to Misaka Farm to pick grapes for 30 minutes. We could eat as many grapes as we want but we can't bring them out to eat (they give us each a complimentary bunch of grapes afterwards).

I don't know if it's organic but I felt so gross eating grapes without washing them ._. Since grapes have that powdery layer. These felt even more powdery than supermarket grapes. Also since they're not washed sometimes there are cobwebs omg. And this variety isn't really sweet either. So we just shared a bunch and left the grape-picking area.

After the grape farm we went to a winery where there was wine tasting. Mum and I don't really appreciate the bitterness of alcohol; the grape vinegar tastes good though. ^^

We arrived back at Washington Hotel before 7pm, and we walked to the nearby Metropolitan Building to see the night view of Tokyo.

Overall this day tour (9,900 yen per adult) was quite pleasant. The tour guide was nice and we got to do quite a few things! Also it was so relaxing not having to navigate everywhere and think of what to do next (which applies to every tour lol). Plus I got to watch many episodes of a drama on the bus hehe ^^ It'll be nice if we could see the peak of Mt. Fuji better but we weren't lucky enough to go on a clear day!

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