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Tokyo: Hang Out

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Hang Out is a small vegan restaurant/bar that's located in Shibuya. 

I Google-Maps-ed us there and we were standing in front of this building when I thought that we were lost - there wasn't a prominent sign saying RIKA building (which is where it's located in). And this is a side road with what seems like apartments/offices at the back.

But yeah it's this building with the disfigured Hello Kitty.

It's only open at night.

The waiter speaks good English and the menu is mostly in English too! Seems like most of the customers are foreigners.

The restaurant is tiny, cosy and has less than 20 seats (including the balcony) I think. It's quite dimly-lit and lighting for all the following photos are from a Japanese cartoon projected on the wall. The cartoon was like a Japanese version of Adventure Time but weirder, more retro and not kiddy lol.

We ordered the Gaudi's Salad which was a special for the day. Isn't this the prettiest salad ever???? Wow it's like a terrarium! 

All the veggies were fresh and there's also a chunk of chilled tofu at the bottom of the bowl - sounds weird but we mixed it all up and it went well together with the greens. The fish egg-looking things are solid and seems to be made of agar.

Fried tofu with tartar sauce. Looks ordinary but omg the sauce was amazing!!! Creamy and yet refreshingly tangy. I mopped all the sauce off the plate haha

The Hemp Cream Pasta was al dente and the sauce (made with hemp seeds?) was thick and creamy. It was quite yummy but because I don't like oily-feeling food (like food that drips oil), I wouldn't order this again.

We only ate these few items because we were eating conveyor belt sushi an hours before lol, but I really liked the food and the ambience. This is one of the top 3 best places we've been to this trip, mum agrees too! There's lots more in the menu I'd like to try and I must eat the fried tofu again!! I hope it's still around (amazing how they can survive when the food is not pricey and their opening hours are short!) the next time I visit Tokyo! ^^

Hang Out
Udagawa-cho 3-12 RIKA Building 3rd Floor, Shibuya, Tokyo
Opening hours for Saturday isn't stated but should be same as weekdays!

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