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Tokyo: Kappabashi-dori (Kitchen Town) & Nakamise-dori & Shin-okubo Korea Town

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Kappabashi-dori is a street that sells kitchenware, crockery, fake food models and other non-food items needed in restaurants.

This gigantic chef's head is the symbol of the street.

We walked here from Nakamise street after lunch at Sekai Cafe.

There are dozens of stores on the length of the street. I think we covered two-thirds of it; after a while every thing looks the same lol ^^;

Yay crockery!

Most of the crockery I saw were quite cheap. I expected to find more wooden boards or bowls but I only saw one shop selling them and they were expensive!

Cooking/baking stuff.

Fake food was what I was most looking forward to see haha!
We only saw 2 shops selling them though.

They're all for sale but it feels like a museum lol

They're not as cheap (at least 600 yen for a small keychain) as those you'd find at stationary stores or 100 yen stores, but they look much more real!


Nakamise-dori, near Asakusa station, is a really touristy area.

It starts from the Thunder Gate with the iconic humongous red lantern which says 雷門
I forgot to take a photo of that oops.

This is near the Sensoji temple, which is Tokyo's oldest temple. There are lotsa tourists wearing kimonos as there are shops where you can rent them.

I initially planned for us to go to this Hanayashiki Amusement Park, which is the oldest amusement park in Japan. The admission price is 1000 yen but it costs extra to take rides. It seemed small and run-down from the outside (maybe it's meant to look run-down) and the shops outside looked more interesting so we decided not to go!

So cute Japanese ice kachang. Looks like ice and syrup only though.

There's many small snack stalls around. I think the only vegan thing I saw was this - Huge sweet potato fries! Really yummy!

Also got this red bean dango! Lol all the food models on the table looked so real, I thought they were. I bought a dango keychain that looked exactly like this but with 3 pieces instead of 4 at Kitchen Town hehe.


Korea Town can be accessed from Shin-okubo station. This place is supposed to make you feel like you're in South Korea but it doesn't look very Korean lol. There's lotsa Korean restaurants, Korean skincare/makeup stores and shops selling Kpop CDs (which may be fake) and merchandise.

What I liked most was the Korean Mart! There's Korean marts in Singapore but they don't cook food to sell in the shop. So though they're not vegan, it's nice to look at because it's stuff I've only seen in Kdramas lol ^^; I bought a box of assorted glutinous rice dessert things to try; I don't understand why some pieces were tasteless and hard ._.

I think these places are worth going to have a look! They all have their own charms but out of these 3 the place where I'd most like to re-visit is Nakamise-dori because there's so much to see there! :)

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