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Tokyo: Loving Hut

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Loving Hut was the first all-vegan eatery we went to during the trip! It's located near Jimbocho station, and the area is known for it's many second-hand bookstores.

It's at the second floor of this building.

We were there on Saturday for their lunch buffet, which costs just 1500 yen!

The restaurant is small and cosy, with less than 20 seats. Best to go earlier because after 12.30pm or so it gets kinda crowded!

The food is Taiwanese Japanese style I guess! There some mock meat but not too much.

My favourites were the fried carrot cake and pumpkin fritter!

Mum also liked the 'eel' sushi on the right.

The food seems to be cooked in small portions by the aunties (?) in the kitchen, so it's a very home-cooked kinda feel. It wasn't too oily or greasy too. Also, new and different food keeps on being brought out!

This mock meat in the soup looks so amazingly real right?? Mum showed photos of the soup and the eel sushi to her Japanese friends and they were like Real?? Sugoii!!

Here's the directions and address. Opening hours are weekdays 11.30am-5pm, Saturday 11.30am-
3.30pm (as in the first photo).

I'd love to go back again next time! This is definitely of of my 5 favourite eateries this trip! ^^

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