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Vegan Ramen in Tokyo: T's Tantan & Chabuton

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T's Tantan is a vegan ramen place located at Keiyo Street in Tokyo Station.

We arrived there at 4.30pm because we were hungry already lol. I don't know why but there were quite a lot of customers at 5+pm! Like every day at 5+pm it seems like people have finished work and are going home o_o

This menu is in Japanese but I think there's an English one too.

I ordered the T's Tantan Noodles (800 yen). It was really oily but I guess that's how ramen is supposed to be? Under the oil is a creamy and fragrant broth which I really liked! This wasn't spicy at all, I'd like to try the spicy ones (like Shiro Tantan) next time!

It's an additional 300 yen for a small portion of curry so I got the Smile Curry to try too (the other option is Matsaman, Thai-style). It was mostly curry sauce without visible chunks of ingredients other than that cherry tomato. Usually Japanese curry is sweet but this wasn't as sweet as I'm used to so I didn't like it as much.

We were with mum's friend who's an elderly Japanese lady who doesn't speak much English. She got a culture shock when she saw me twirling my noodles around my chopsticks like spaghetti, and mixing the curry with rice before eating ('like bibimbap') LOL ^^;

So interesting, I've never thought that people normally not mix curry with rice first because that's how I've always done it for Japanese curry. But actually when mum and I ate at Coco Ichibanya on the last day (they have vegan curry - eggless but may be contaminated with dairy at processing stage) some customers mix their curry with rice too. So I guess it's a generation gap and not just a culture difference heh.

Mum ordered the T's Shoyu Ramen (750 yen)

T's Tan Tan is the only fully-vegan ramen place in Tokyo but it seems like some non-vegan places serve vegan ramen too!

But whether the ramen is truly vegan or not might be questionable. I went to Chabuton thinking that their Vegetable Ramen is vegan but to my horror I've just found out that it may contain fish stock omg?! T.T A review by VegOut Tokyo says the Shimokitazawa branch's vege-ramen is vegan (but that was 3 years ago), and it's also vegan at the closed-down branch at Akihabara but the one in Osaka isn't. It's more likely that it's vegan but I should have asked :( At least the gyoza is vegan (and delicious).

Chabuton is located within a 2 minute walk from Shimokitazawa station South exit (walk to the left). They used to have other outlets but this is the only one left in Tokyo. Shimokitazawa is apparently a young people place but it didn't really feel like it lol. Maybe we were at the wrong side.

When you walk down the street to the left (when facing Chabuton) there's a supermarket with the cheapest fruits and vegetables we've seen during the whole trip!

There's an English menu inside.

We got to experience the ticket vending machine here yay!

Vege-ramen (820 yen). The noodles contain spirulina but taste normal. Compared to the ramen at T's Tantan it's less oily and has quite a generous amount of vegetables (for ramen). I'd still prefer the one at T's Tantan because the noodles are thicker and the broth tastes richer.

The Vegetable Gyoza (300 yen) are confirmed to be vegan. Looks somewhat burnt but it wasn't bitter. The addition of vinegar removed the greasiness too! If somehow the vege-ramen isn't vegan and they can't veganise it you can have the gyoza with a bowl of rice (100 yen) ._.

T's Tantan
Daily 7.00am-11.00pm (10.30pm L.O.)
1-9-1 Marunouchi, Keiyo Street, Chiyoda, Tokyo 

Daily 11.00am-12.00mn
2 Chome-10-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0031, Japan

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