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SYDNEY 29 June-6 July

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Hi there! Got back from Sydney a few days ago and I shall (slowly) blog about my trip. It's the 1-month winter break now! Met mum in Sydney because it's expensive to go back to SG and somewhere else haha

I'm doing it in the same format as the Tokyo trip (omg saw what I did and I'm shocked at the amount of effort I put into planning the itinerary lol wow) and will link posts to the itinerary below! Here's the Google Maps with all the locations (green = food, purple = attractions, red = didn't manage to go).  It's pretty easy to get from one place to another just by using Google Maps and the Opal Travel app. We spent upwards of $70 each on transport alone though we walked quite a bit. There's a free CBD shuttle (Route 555) but we never tried taking it!

Because I planned this, it revolves around vegan food lol with some touristy stuff, shopping and one art gallery to feel less uncultured. Maybe because I've been in Australia for a while, things weren't as fascinating haha but I still had fun! Also first time taking a plane alone omg 长大了

I'll try to finish this within the remaining 2 weeks of the break... but it always takes longer than I plan to. Haven't even blogged about Melbourne or (the few places I've been to in) Brisbane or the last couple of Tokyo posts omg lol ^^;

Wed 29 Jun
9am Arrival/Take Airtrain to Town Hall station Get Opal card/Leave luggage at hotel
10am Queen Victoria Building
11am Iku Wholefoods Westfield (10am-6pm)
12nn Paddy's Markets (Wed-Sun 10am-6pm)
2pm Check in to Park Regis Hotel
5.30pm Peace Harmony Veg Thai Restaurant GROUPON
Thur 30 Jun NEWTOWN
11am White Rabbit Gallery (Wed-Sun 10am-5pm)
12nn Take bus to Newtown
12.30pm Lentil as Anything (Lunch 12-3pm)
1pm Superfood Sushi (Tues-Sun 11am-9pm)
2pm Explore Newtown Thrift/second-hand shops
3pm Gelato Blue (3pm-10.30pm)
8.30am Take train to Leura (2.5h)
11am Walk around Leura village
11.30am Rubyfruit Vegan Bakery Leura (10am-4pm)
12.30pm Take train to Katoomba (1 station)
1pm (Early) check in to Carrington Hotel
3pm Three Sisters/Echo Point Bus 686 
4pm Explore Katoomba
5pm Relax in hotel
6pm Sanwiye
Sat 2 Jul
8am Hotel breakfast
9.30am Check out of Carrington Hotel
9.45am Street Art Murals (15 min)
10am Take train back
1pm (Early) check in to Park Regis Hotel
2.30pm The Rocks market (Sat-Sun 10am-5pm)
4.30pm See Opera House from Circular Quay
6pm Kindness Café GROUPON
Sun 3 Jul
9.30am Sadhana Kitchen (7 days 9am-4pm)
or Zeitgeist Mylk Bar (Sat-Sun 10am-4pm)
11am Bondi Market (Sun 10am-4pm)
12nn Bondi Beach 
1pm Funky Pies
2pm Drop off shopping in hotel
3pm Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre (10am-6pm)
Mon 4 Jul
11am DFO (10am-6pm)
4pm Drop off shopping in hotel
6.30pm Dinner with Mum's friend at Yulli's MAKE BOOKING
Tue 5 Jul
11am Brunch at Badde Manors
12.30pm The Cruelty Free Shop
1pm Walk around Broadway Shopping Centre
3pm Walk around Chinatown - Market City
6pm Hari's Vegetarian
Wed 6 Jul
9am Zeitgeist Cuisine (Mon-Fri 7am-4pm)
10am Darling Harbour
11.40am Hotel bus to airport
2pm Departure

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