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SYDNEY // Blue Mountains: Rubyfruit Vegan + Carrington Hotel + Three Sisters + Sanwiye + Street Art Walk

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✧ Rubyfruit Vegan Bakery & Cafe 
We went to Blue Mountains on Friday (1st July) by train (about 2.5h which sounds long but not when you're watching a kdrama :P ). The closest train station to the Three Sisters lookout is Katoomba but we stopped by Leura (one station before) to eat at Rubyfruit!

I saw on their Facebook the weekend before that it was SNOWING omg!! But too bad it didn't snow when we were there! :( It was about 5 deg C when we arrived at about 11am.

Rubyfruit is 100% vegan and it's the only vegan place in the area. They serve breakfast and lunch. It's a small cafe with just 5 or so tables!

Specials of the day!

I got the Pump Up The Volume Frittata with Rainbow Salad ($14.5) and Mum got The Ruby Burger with Slaw ($17.5). We also shared the Curried Lentil and Zucchini Soup ($11), Turmeric Milk ($5.5) and Chili Hot Chocolate ($5). 

Really enjoyed both drinks because it's my first time trying turmeric in a milk and spicy hot chocolate! I add turmeric powder to my veggie stews all the time because it's good for me lol but I don't particularly enjoy the taste - this turmeric milk didn't taste bitter at all though! :) 

The frittata wasn't too tofu-y which was great, and the soup was quite a large portion and had lotsa ingredients. We were too full to try their desserts but they looked really yummy!

10/166-168 Leura Mall
Leura NSW 2780
Thur-Mon 10am-4pm

✧ Carrington Hotel 
We stayed at Carrington Hotel for a night! It's like a heritage site and it's so grand and historical. Location-wise it's really convenient because it's quite near the Katoomba train station and the bus (686) to the Three Sisters lookout is right outside!

Look at the stained glass windows! So pretty! This costed $255 (probably because it was Friday too) but I think for the location and the fact that it's an attraction in itself it's pretty worth it!

Also the hotel breakfast!!!!!! On other days we stayed at Park Regis which was budget so there wasn't breakfast, and for previous trips (Melbourne, Tokyo, NYC, BKK and more) we stayed in Airbnb or non-breakfast hotels...... Hotel breakfasts are always something I look forward to haha!

There are quite a few rooms to explore and they all look old-fashioned and somewhat grand. There's even a fireplace here (behind me).

15-47 Katoomba Street
Katoomba NSW 2780

✧ Three Sisters (Echo Point Lookout) 
This lookout is actually quite near by bus (686 from the stop outside The Carrington Hotel)!

I enjoy looking at the sky more though haha

Particularly the 5pm sky!

✧ Sanwiye 
There isn't any vegan/vego restaurant open for dinner so we just searched for somewhere close to the hotel. Sanwiye is a Korean restaurant with really great reviews! It's a pretty small restaurant run by Koreans.

It was almost full when we arrived at 6pm but luckily someone just left. If you're planning on eating here it's better to make a reservation!

We asked about what was vegan (they don't use dairy but some have egg) and ended up ordering Spicy Noodle Soup ($11), Japchae ($16) and Dukbokki ($16). Maybe you can't really tell from the photo but the portion size was huge!! Especially for the japchae and dukbokki - I think 2 people with a normal-female-sized appetite can share either one lol! We were stuffed and dabao-ed the japchae leftovers (which I had for supper).

Also I've never seen Korean food with so much veggies before! Especially for the dukbokki omg wow

Sanwiye Korean Restaurant
2/177 Katoomba Street
Katoomba NSW 2780

✧ Street Art Walk 

I found this on Trip Advisor and it looked cool.

It's a really tiny street that you can finish in 5 mins ^^;

Street Art Walk
1 Beverly Place
Katoomba NSW 2780

We didn't do a lot of sightseeing (Mum's been to Blue Mountains before anyway) or go for day tours or to Scenic World (we watched Youtube videos of people experiencing Scenic World while in the hotel LOL vicarious experience) but we had quite an eventful and yet chill time ^^  

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