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SYDNEY // Bondi: Sadhana Kitchen + Sunday Market + Beach + Funky Pies

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✧ Sadhana Kitchen 
Sadhana Kitchen is a 100% plant-based, all-vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar-free cafe! They have many raw dishes too. I was deciding between this and Zeitgeist Mylk Bar (vegan treats including donuts!) but on the day before this I saw on their Instagram that they were closed temporarily... and then later this day I realised that they weren't closed yet but it was their last day?? :(

But I also saw Sadhana Kitchen's Instagram - upon seeing their eggs benny I decided that I had to try it lol :) 

They have another branch at Enmore too!

Their decor is a lovely mix of rustic and modern ^^

We were there for breakfast, which is available from 9am-12nn. Lunch is available from 11am-3pm.

We shared the Eggs Benedict ($18) and Epic Acai ($18), and mum had a flat white ($4.5) while I had a cappuccino ($4.5).

The acai bowl wasn't anything special (I guess acai bowls all taste the same?) but the eggs benny was yummy - mopped up all the 'yolk' sauce! The only other eggs benny I've had, vegan or otherwise (lol I was vegan before cafe hopping was a thing ;)), was at Champs Diner in NYC last year! Visual- and texture-wise this one is more realistic but to be fair the Champs Diner one is called 'Tofu Benedict' lol. ^^ 

Btw their bronze cutlery is so pretty!

132 Warners Avenue
Bondi NSW 2026
Daily 9am-4pm
✧ Sunday Market 

This market is somewhere between Sadhana Kitchen and the beach, at the Bondi Beach Public School Grounds! The food market is on Saturday, the Sunday one is more of goods - clothing, candles, jewellery etc. There are a few food trucks though!

I came here expecting to be able to find Nutie donuts but seems like I was mistaken and they're only there on Saturday. Their Space Jam donut looks amazing T.T

Bought a few candles here - I've never owned candles before because open flames are scary but they were too pretty.. and I couldn't buy donuts so I had to buy something LOL

Beautiful blooms!
Bondi Market
Sunday 10am-4pm
Bondi Beach Public School
Campbell Parade
Sydney NSW 2026

✧ Bondi Beach 
We were at the beach around noon and it was HOT. There were people surfing and sun tanning! We expected it to be windy and cold though haha

Blue skies and clear waters!

This photo and its colours look so calming 

There was a storm a few weeks back and the path hasn't been fixed yet, so this sign said to walk inside and not on the beach

But people were just crossing over the barrier tape lol. At the part in this photo where there's a lot of people, the pavement is seriously cracked and chunks were sticking out. Those people were just hopping over the pieces o_o 

In my original plan we'd walk from Bondi to Bronte but we were lazy and there's a lot of people. Maybe next time on a weekday... at 5pm when the skies are pretty ^^

✧ Funky Pies 
Funky Pies is an all-vegan pie shop! They have gluten-free pies too. I don't remember eating many pies in my life, let alone vegan ones!

They have many flavours of pies, and they sell raw desserts too. You can also buy their hot/frozen pies elsewhere, like at The Cruelty Free Shop

Their most famous pie is the Funky Chunky (shiitake mushrooms + gravy + mash) but it wasn't in the display when we ordered. 

So we had the Chilli Non Carne and Butterish Chicken (I think) with mashed potatoes and gravy! The pies were really yummy - perfect crust and saucy, not-dry filling - but I loved the mash the most!! I can't remember exactly but I think it was around it was around $6 a pie and +$4 for the mash :) Great place for a treat! 

Funky Pies Cafe
Shop 2/144-148 Gleaner Avenue
Bondi NSW 2026
Weekdays 7am-8.30pm
Weekends 11am-8.30pm

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