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SYDNEY // Iku Wholefood + Zeitgeist Cuisine

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We ate at Iku Wholefood for the first meal and Zeitgeist Cuisine for the last meal in Sydney!

✧ Iku Wholefood 
This Iku Wholefood we went to was in a food court at Westfield Mall. They have many branches across Sydney.

All their food is vegan omg! The name sounds Japanese but the food is mostly Western-style.

Ended up with three salads, soup and rice in three forms (nori roll + inari pocket + fried ball). The set of salads with 2 items was $13.9 and the set of soup with fried rice ball was $10.9. Doesn't look like much but the rice was so packed and so filling. I've never seen a nori roll like this lol - the ingredients are all jumbled up! We also got veggie dumplings ($5.8) from Din Tai Fung at the foodcourt.

Level 5, Shop 5009
Pitt Street Mall
NSW 2000

✧ Zeitgeist Cuisine 
Zeitgeist Cuisine is a tiny vegan cafe in the CBD! Their fruit and veg prints are super cute! 

Oops didn't include the Breakfast and Lunch pricing but it's $8.9 for most breakfast items and lunch items cost an average of $12.9. 

Many reviews I read said that the food here is good but overpriced, particularly the smoothies ($9.9). I think the Breakfast and Lunch items are quite reasonable (especially if you eat-in) for a cafe though!

I had the Lox Bagel ($8.9) and mum had the Porridge ($8.9). I enjoyed my bagel - the carrot is made to look like lox (salmon) and it tasted pretty good with the cashew philly cheese. Mum's porridge was filled with lotsa goodness - quinoa, oats, almond milk and strawberries! I got The Green Z smoothie ($9.9) and Mum had the Chai tea I think. The smoothie wasn't really sweet and it made me feel really healthy haha! 

Afterwards we walked along Darling Harbour and this sounds weird but I've always wanted to drink a green smoothie while walking LOL. In that weather people's normal drink-of-choice while walking is hot coffee but I was feeling blissful with cold hands ^^

Zeitgeist Cuisine
153 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm

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